Autumn afternoons

I’ve shot a series about Anna, a professional dancer back in 2012 to try out the 60 mm high aperture macro lens I bought at the time. The lens is not primarily for portraits because you have to compose relatively far from the subject (it’s equal to a 90 mm full frame lens approx.), yet I liked the project as it gave me the opportunity to photograph exclusively a living human being for an afternoon. The results though I wasn’t very happy with. The shots seemed artificial, lacking “life-likeliness” (if there is such a thing…), the client, who I took them for, didn’t like them as Anna was often holding a coffee mug and that, apparently was not suitable for her health food blog, where she was looking for shots about relaxation. I therefore put the whole set to the drawer and didn’t look at them again until after a few weeks ago, when I’ve applied to several model agency web sites. And now, after three years I like the whole set much better, I even selected a few to showcase on my official portfolio site. The shots seem much more natural, shows the Anna was a great model, patient and very cooperative. Time heals the wounds and as you get detached of the original story of the shooting, you often find the beauty in photos you once ignored.
Oh yes, and I’ve installed a cool new feature to the blog, check it out! If you hover your mouse over the image, the original, out-of-camera shot appears. A bit of an insight of what editing is done on a picture before publishing.
Short haired woman reading a book in front of an art-deco bacground


Camera Nikon D70s
Aperture f/2.5
Exposure Bias 0.00 eV
Focal Length 60mm (09mm)
Lens Tamron 60mm f/2 macro
ISO 400
Shutter Speed 1/125
Post Processing ACDSee Pro

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